Joseph Ellis Finger

from The Piedmont Historical Society

Conveyance Book AA for Spartanburg, 1848-1850

Transcribed by Betty Jean Foster Dill
From SC Archives Microfilm C 609 (UP)

p. 482-484. 10 April 1848. Mortgage. Alfred Austell of Campbell Co., GA, administrator of the Estate of William W. Austell late of Campbell Co., GA, Deceased, for $35 paid by Gabriel Cannon, Joseph Finger & Henry Kestler of Spartanburg Dist, sold a Quit claim to any right or claim that the said William W. Austell had in his lifetime to 140 acres on waters of Little Buck Creek bounded by Elizabeth Harris and John Heatherington. Wit: Robert O. Beavers, Eli R. Goodrich, J.P. Signed, Alfred Austell adm of W.W. Austell Decd. 16 Oct 1848, Reubin C. Beavers clerk of the Inferior court of Campbell Co., GA, certifies that Eli R. Goodrich is an acting Justice of the Peace. 16 Oct 1848, William M. Butt, one of the Justices of the Inferior court of Campbell Co., GA certifies that Reubin C. Beavers is the legal acting clerk of the Inferior court of said county. Registered 3rd April 1850. Original delivered to ~~ G. Cannon.

p. 484-485. 15 March 1848. Deed of Conveyance. Joseph Finger of Spartanburg Dist, for $1200 paid by Gabriel Cannon, Joseph Finger & Henry Kestler (otherwise the Packolet Manufacturing Co) of Spartanburg Dist, sold 55 acres on both sides of North Packolet River and on Ezell's branch, bounded by D. McMakin, J. Finger's Mill. Excepting such privileges as I have reserved to myself, one half of the water for the use & benefit of my Grist Mill with the free privilege Ingress & Egress, also the privilege of keeping my present Mill dam in good repair and the above named persons the other half with the privilege of keeping up a dam or dams as they may desire; also the privilege of opening out and using the water from my mill race to the full extent of one half the same. It is hereby agreed that neither myself or the above named three persons or Co. shall at any time obstruct the other.Wit: J.M. Jackson, A.W. Bullington. Signed, Joseph Finger. Witness oath, 16 March 1849: Signed, A.W. Bullington to Elias Wall Magistrate. Registered 3rd April 1850. Original delivered to ~~ G. Cannon.

p. 510-513. 1 Jan 1848. Agreement. Gabriel Cannon, Joseph Finger & Henry Kestler have this day entered into partnership for the purpose of Manufacturing cotton & wool, the firm to be known by the name of Pacolett Manufacturing Company; Said co having purchased a parcel of Joseph Finger on North Pacolett River near where Finger's mill now stands, with such privileges as their Deed of Conveyance will show; have agreed as Joint Partners to erect & build at the Expense of said co. on the premises above named, a building with the necessary appurtenances & machinery for the manufacturing cotton yarn, building to be constructed agreeable to a plan agreed to Subject however to Such alterations as shall be unanimously agreed to. The mill at the head of the Race formerly owned by Jos. Finger, also the Wool Carder below Finger's Mill with the buildings and all their appurtenances together with the Store house now used by G. Cannon are hereby acknowledged to belong to the firm of the Pacolet Man co. Each of the Partners shall pay over to the agent of said Co. such sums of money as shall be jointly agreed upon from time to time to be used for the purchase of machinery, the hire of labour & the purchase of such other materials as may be necessary for the use of said Co. not to Exceed in the whole of $10,000.

The parties agree that Henry Kestler shall be employed as principal workman in Erecting & fitting up said work and while engaged and actually employed at the same time shall receive the sum of $1.50 per day and boarded at the expense of said Co. It is further agreed that when the work is completed and the Spinning commenced Kestler is to be employed as machinist also to overlook the business in and about the factory to do and attend to the business faithfully to the Interest and benefit of the Co, to board himself and receive as a compensation for his services the sum of $400 per annum. Joseph Finger is also to be employed as a workman such time as he can leave his other business wherever the Co. may require his services for which he is to be paid a reasonable compensation. It is also agreed that Gabriel Cannon is to be appointed agent and Superintendent of the Co. to keep books, make purchases and sales, to receive and pay out monies in behalf & for the use of the Co. and he shall whenever called upon by the other Stock holders within a reasonable time make a full and fair exhibit of the Books together with such notes or other evidence of Debt as may be due the Co, also the amount of their indebtedness as near as may be ascertained. Cannon shall board himself & furnish his own Horse (traveling Expenses Excepted) and receive a compensation of $300 per annum.

It is also agreed by the parties that no distillery of or retailing or otherwise trading & trafficking in Spiritous liquors shall at any time be allowed on the premises and the parties further agree that the same shall not be allowed on either of their private possessions. It is further agreed that if either Gabriel Cannon or Henry Kestler shall be at liberty to discontinue their services provided they shall first give Six months notice to the other stock holders but doing so would have no effect as to the partnership.

It is further understood that the Co. shall commence their work as may be convenient, say some time during the present winter or the Ensuing Spring. Attest: W.P. Compton, T.J. Caldwell. Signed, Gabriel Cannon, Jos Finger, Henry Kestler. Witness oath, 26 April 1850: Signed, T.J. Caldwell to J.B. Tolleson Clk & mag Exoffi. Registered 26th April 1850. Original delivered to ~~ Gabriel Cannon 10th May 1850.