Jury Mosser's Will
from New York Calendar of Wills

Written: 1773 Febry. 17 - Probate: 1782 Octbr. 2

Mosser, Jury, of West Camp, Albany Co. Wife _____, Sons Jacob, Thomas, daughters Elizabeth, wife of Peter Young, Christina, wife of Harme Fritts, Margret, wife of Michel Finger, Helena, wife of Johannis Petrie, Lea, wife of Christian Petire, Susanna, wife of Christian Sax, granddaughters Elizabeth Kerker and Christina Chishem. Real and personal estate. Executors Harme Best, Johannes Michael and Dirck Jansen of Livingston Manor. Witnesses Petrus van Gaasbeek, Christian Valkenburgh, yeoman, of Livingston Manor and John Habs.