The Finger Family in Argentina

a compilation of information from Carlos Finger of Buenos Aires

The following messages help remind us of the world-wide scope of the Internet and of our families. Here is a summary of messages that have come in from Carlos Finger in Argentina. Of course we don't know if his family is related to ours, but it is interesting reading:

Dear Dwight:

My name is Carlos Finger. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am a lawyer and I am 60 years old. I don't speak too much English, for what I apologize for those errors. I would be pleased if you included my data on your web page.

My father was Carlos Alejandro Finger, a doctor, and his father was Felipe Amadeo Finger, who arrived in Argentina from the port of Hamburg in 1865.

My grandfather, Felipe Finger was born in Switzerland, near Berne. His brother, Cristian, at the same time emigrated to the U.S. Felipe arrived in Argentina when he was 15 years old. His first job was in a small hotel in Buenos Aires. When he was able to learn some Spanish, he bought a car and a horse and he left toward the interior of Argentina. Here we call "pampas" to an enormous plain, with very fertile lands and very moderate climate, where grain grows and they raised bovine. He began to put up fences and when he had saved some money, he began to rent farms and to raise cows in a town called Bragado, some 250 kilometers from Buenos Aires. There he married my grandmother, Giacomina Cecotti who was Italian, and they had 14 children. He was devoted especially to the production of milk and cheese. In 1911, they had a comfortable economic situation and returned to Switzerland, taking their 19 year-old daughter, Cristina, who had tuberculosis. He returned almost a year later to Argentina, leaving their sick daughter in a sanatorium in San Gotardo, Switzerland. He died in 1930.

My father, Carlos Alejandro, was born in 1907 and in 1930 graduated as a doctor. He worked up to 1985, the year of his death, in Bragado, as clinical doctor and also as agricultural producer.

I have two sons, Carlos Federico Finger, 23, who works at Citi Bank as an economic analyst and who plans to travel in the year 2000 to the USES, to take a post graduate course, and, Francisco Carlos Finger, 19, who is studying to be a lawyer. My wife is Susana Arranz and she is a sociologist. She plans to travel to New York next year for her work as politics teacher.

I have gotten some new data of my predecessors. My grandfather was born in THUN, near town to Zurich, March 27, 1853 or 1854. His parents were Santiago Finger and Cristina Dhäler. Their siblings called themselves:
Santiago Finger
Samuel Finger
Cristian Finger
Isabel Finger
Cristina Finger

Felipe Finger traveled to South America in 1865, it is supposed that he was a stowaway, in a ship that left of Hamburg. Upon his arrival his name was changed from Wolfgang Finger to Felipe by immigration officials.

The brother Samuel Finger, had 3 daughters women. He resided in OBERDRESBACH.
The sister Cristina Finger, had 4 male children, one of them was poet, another he was confectioner and two were watchmakers.
The brother Cristian Finger had 2 daughters women, both married ones and a male son that worked in the Swiss railroad.
The sister Isabel Finger, emigrated to USA

All these data were obtained from my grandfather Felipe Finger, when he traveled to Switzerland in 1910.

Felipe Finger was of the Protestant religion, but to marry Giaccomina Cecotti, he became a Catholic.
In the land where their house was in the city of Bragado, county of Buenos Aires, their son Carlos Alejandro Finger, built a chapel that he called San Felipe.

I cannot send you my picture, but of the picture of you on the Internet, I have been impressed by the common features that we have.

Carlos Finger

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