Descendants of Jacob & Maria Finger

by Gladys Finger Nichols, Jan 23, 1946

Jacob Finger

Jacob Finger was born in Taghkanick, Columbia Co. New York on March 17, 1820. His parents were Jacob and Christiana (Traver) Finger, both thought to be natives of Columbia Co, where their lives were spent. Jacob's paternal grandfather, John Finger, spent his last years at Taghkanick.

On the 7th of Nov. 1840, Jacob married Miss Maria Schutz, a native of Livingston, Columbia Co. New York. She was the daughter of Peter and Mary(Coen)Schutz, and granddaughter of John Coen.

After marriage they moved to Dutchess Co. where they remained four years. They returned to Columbia Co a short time, and then moved to New Jersey for six months. Then they moved to Renesselaer Co New York, where they lived for eighteen months. Then they spent the next year back in Columbia Co. Their next move was to Dutchess Co., where they remained until 1866, coming then to Michigan. Here they bought 160 acres on section 32 of Riga township Lenawee Co., living there one and one-half years. Then they moved to a farm in section one of the fractional part of the same township where the rest of his life was spent. He passed away on Aug. 3, 1899, at the age of 79 years, 4 months, 16 days.

His wife, Maria, spent some time with a granddaughter, Mrs D. G. Chandler, and then returned to the home of her son, Ellis, where she spent the rest of her life, passing away on Jan. 12, 1907, at the age of 84 yrs, 7 months, 6 days She was born on June 6, 1822.

Mr. and Mrs. Finger were the parents of three children, Franklin, Margaret, and Ellis.

Franklin Finger

The oldest son of Jacob and Maria Finger, Franklin, was born in Columbia Co., New York, on Nov. 28, 1842. He joined the 7th heavy artillery of that state at the time of the Civil War and was killed in the battle of Deep Bottom, Virginia, Aug. 14, 1864.

Margaret Finger Lewis

The only daughter of Jacob and Maria Finger, Margaret, was born in New York state on Sept 15, 1845 and came to Michigan with her parents in 1866. On April 8, 1871, she was married to Adelbert Lewis and they moved to a farm about 1 mile west of her parents home. They were the parents of eight children. She passed away on Sept. 11, 1899, just five weeks after her father.

Ellis M. Finger

The youngest son of Jacob and Maria Finger, Ellis was born in Dutchess Co. New York, on March 11, 1857, coming to Mich at the age of nine. Ellis always lived with or near his father until the latter's death. On May 4, 1884, he married Miss Lydia Austin of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. They were the parents of five children. They moved to Blissfield from the old farm in March of 1908. In August of 1910, they moved to a farm near Otsego, Mich., living there until the spring of 1913, when they moved into the city. In the early part of 1918, he went to the county hospital at Allegan to be cared for, following a stroke while at work. He passed away on Nov. 8, 1935, aged 78 years, 7 months, 28 days. His widow, Lydia, made her home with the daughter Gladys, until her death on May 27, 1945, aged 87 yrs, 9 mo., 16 days.

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