Ralph Fingar Wins Life Saving Award

ON THE afternoon of August 14, 1935, several boys were playing with an old overturned boat on the banks of the Hudson River, near North Germantown, N.Y. John Gorvich, 60, of Germantown, went into the boat to play with the boys. Somehow the boat turned over and threw Gorvich into water over his head. Ralph Fingar, also of Germantown, then only 10 years old, went in after him.

"He called for help," said Ralph, "and I was the only boy who could swim, I went out after him, but I was a little scared. Another boy and I pushed the boat part way out, then I pushed it the rest of the way and climbed on. I walked up to the bow and grabbed him as he went down for the third time."

Somehow, as Ralph started to pull Mr. Gorvich out of the water, the boat tipped over, throwing Ralph, too, into about eight feet of water. However, he grabbed the drowning man under the chin and brought him safely to shore.

Dr. H. G. Henry of Germantown, who was an eye witness to the rescue and who afterwards revived the man by artificial respiraton, expressed the greatest admiration for Ralph, who weighed only 80 pounds compared to Gorvich's 160 pounds.

To recognize his heroism and to encourage this type of spirit among boys, we have given Ralph the American Agriculturist Life Saving Award, along with our congratulations on the quick action which saved a life. It is a lettered, framed certificate, carrying the seal of American Agriculturist and signed by E. R. Eastman. It reads:

On August 14, 1935, Ralph Warren Fingar, age 10, went into the Hudson River, into water over his head, and brought 60 year old John Gorvich safely to shore. For his courage in unhesitatingly going after this man, twice his weight, American Agriculturist has presented Ralph with this Life Saving Award."

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