Excerpts from

Road Districts, 1808
Germantown, Columbia, New York

by Capt Franklin Ellis, 1878, pages 266-268

No. 8.--"Road leading from a cross-road beyond Conrad Lasher's, so on to Conrad Fingar, then to George Snyder's, then to the south side of John Kortz's store, where it joins the other road." Derick Johnson, George Snyder, Jacob B. Lasher, Conrad Finger, Christopher Kortz, Jacob Finger, Adam A. Clum, and Elias Finger.

John Fingar was one of the Palatine colony of 1710. He settled, however, in what is now the town of Livingston, the old homestead being the present place of David Miller. He had five sons--Conrad, Jacob, David, Michael, and Peter--and one daughter. Peter died unmarried; Jacob settled in Livingston, Michael in Gallatin, and Conrad in Germantown; David's place is uncertain. The daughter became Mrs. Peter M. Blass. A grandson of Conrad, now living, is Mr. Thomas Fingar, near Germantown village. To his clear memory and definite statements we are indebted for these and other important items.

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