Triplets And Twins Attend Same School

Penn Yan Democrat April 3, 1942

School District No. 4, in Jerusalem not only teaches the multiplication table but offers some problems along that line to the teacher. Mrs. Emma Herrick, teacher at the rural school located on Bluff Point, has the distinction of teaching triplets and one pair of twins in the small country schoolhouse.

Mary, Marion and Marilyn McCann, 9-year-old daughters of Mr. and Mrs. William H. McCann, to use a trite phase, are as alike as three peas in a pod, and Gordon and Gerald Finger, 9, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finger, Bluff Point, bear out the "two peas in a pod." The triplet girls, born in Olean, in 1933, bear such remarkable resemblance to each other that their teacher often is puzzled and relatives have to pause and consider certain features of the girls in order to know "which is Mary or Marion or Marilyn." Two of the girls weighed at birth 2½ lbs., and one weighed 2¾ pounds. They are healthy and happy and just at present are getting their first permanent teeth. They are in the second grade. Their parents Mr. and Mrs. McCann moved to Bluff Point from Olean three weeks ago. Mrs. McCann was the former Miss Nellie Copson, of Bluff Point. The Finger twins were born in 1932. Gerald is in the third grade and Gordon in the fourth.

Note: The McCann girls are related to the Finger family. Their mother, Nellie Copson was a sister of Frederick Copson who married Bertha Finger.

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