Condit B. Snyder

from The Courier January 21, 1932

Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon for Condit B. Snyder, of Ghent, who died suddenly at 1 o'clock Friday morning. He had just been about as usual and visited Hudson on the Tuesday prior to his death.

Mr. Snyder, formerly of Hudson was widely known for his ability as a musician.

Friday morning about fifteen minutes before his death he complained of difficulty in breathing and an attack of the heart carried him away.

Several years ago he moved to the old homestead farm in Ghent, where he passed away. His wife, a former Regent of the D. A. R. chapter, i Hudson, died a few years ago. He is survived by a sister, Mrs. Hollingsworth, who made her home with him.

Mr. Snyder was born May 27, 1859 a son of Frederick Ham (born April, 1836), and Mary Van Deusen Snyder. Mr. Snyder was a graduate of the New York Conservatory of Music. He married Katrina Pierson Fink a descendant of Abram Pierson founder and president of Yale college. Mr. Snyder's father was a practical, up-to-date fruit grower and farmer, whose advice was often sought. He had been executor in settling several estates and served in public office. He was a son of Tunis G. Snyder (born March 23, 1781, died March 2, 1878) and Rebecca Ham, his wife. Tunis G. Snyder was a farmer in Ghent and recognized as one of the leading men of the town. He was captain of a military company and was called out in the War of 1812, just a few days before the close. He was blessed with a remarkable voice from his twelfth to ninety-fifth years, leading choirs much of the time. Tunis G. was a son of Captain George T. and Catherine Loop Snyder.

Captain George Snyder was a very active farmer and was a member of the Assembly two terms. In 1785 he, with several others, applied to the Governor, wanting better title to the manor land, being dissatisfied with the rent law, but not succeeding in getting it righted, many left and he went to Ghent and purchased land with a clear title.

Captain George Snyder was a son of Tunus and Catherine Hoysradt. Tunis was a farmer and carpenter. He had sworn allegiance to the Crown and was put in the gaol because he would not fight to free the colonies. Tunis was a son of George and Greetye Holsapple, his wife, who where born in Germany and came to America about 1710.

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