Johannes Vinger

from "Even More Palatine Families" by Hank Jones

Although I am placing Johannes Finger in the later-arrival section of my books, this emigrant probably came to colonial New York with a 1709er family, perhaps as a stepchild in another family (perhaps a relationship to a Berringer or a Pulver?).

Johannes Vinger was naturalized 17 Jan 1715/16 (Albany Nats.). He sp. Niclaes Michel at Camp in 1720 (NY City Lutheran Chbk). Hans Vinger was noted 2 Aug 1723, then from April 1725 - 7 Sept 1728 (Book of Accounts kept by Henry Beekman, 1719 - 1730, p. 8). Johannes Vinger in Dutchess County was listed from 30 April 1730 - 1746 (Book of Accounts kept by Henry Beekman, 1729 - 1746, p. 59).

He made his first appearance on tax rolls in 1725/26, then was listed in the North Ward in 1726/27 (Dutchess Co. Tax Lists). Johanes Finger was noted on a list of debtors who live on the Manor, in the Livingston Papers dated 23 Feb 1726 (Settlers & Residents, Vol. 1, Germantown, by Arthur C. M. Kelly, pp. 28 & 29). The will of Johannis Finger of Livingston Manor, Albany County, was dated 12 Aug 1779 and proved 13 Jan 1782 (Fernow Wills #644).

Johannes Finger, single man, md. in 1725/26 Catharina Hess, single woman (Linlithgo Reformed Chbk). They had among their issue:

1) Elisabetha, bpt. 9 April 1727 - sp: Michiel Polver and Maria Elisabeth Berringer (Kingston Reformed Chbk). She md. 13 July 1757 the widower Henr: Schmidt (Germantown Reformed Chbk).

2) Michael, bpt. 14 days old 8 May 1728 at Rynbek - sp: Michael Pulver and Anna Maria Hessen (NY City Lutheran Chbk). He md. 31 March 1752 Margaretha Muzier/Moescher (Katsbaan Reformed Chbk).

3) Maria, bpt. 1731 - sp: Johannes and Margrita Meyer (Red Hook Luth Chbk).

4) David, md. as s/o Joh: Finger of Livingston Manor 15 Nov 1757 Elisabetha, d/o Diederich Dick of Camp (Germantown Reformed Chbk).

5) Anna Catharina, b. 17 Jan 1734 - sp: David Sciirz and wife Cath. (Rhinebeck Lutheran Chbk).

6) Johann Friederich, b. I Sept 1735 - sp: Fried Barringer and Maria Cath. Bartel - d/o Andres (Rhinebeck Lutheran Chbk).

7) Johann Henrich, b. 24 May 1737 and bpt. Teerbosch - sp: Henrich Beringer and Anna Maria Beringerin (Loonenburg Lutheran Chbk).

8) Johannes, b. 7 May 1739 and bpt. at Teerbosch - sp: Johannes Best and Anna Maria Best (Loonenburg Lutheran Chbk).

9) Johannes, bpt. 12 Jan 1741 - sp: Johannes Dieter and Catharina Petiy (Red Hook Lutheran Chbk). He md. Elisabeth Blass (HJ).

10) Catharina, bpt. 10 Oct 1742 - sp: Diederick Dick and Maria (Linlithgo Reformed Chbk). She md. Peter Blass Jr. (HJ).

11) Jacob, b. 3 July 1744 and bpt. Teerbosch - sp: Jacob Best and wife Catharina (Loonenburg Lutheran Chbk). He d. 23 Feb 1807, aged 62-6-6 ("Pict" Church Cem., Manorton); his wife Maria Blass d. 1819, aged 69 yrs. Cem. in orchard east of Henry T. Snyder's house, Ghent). Papers in the administration of Jacob Finger of Livingston were issued to Maria Finger and Tunis Snyder 20 April 1807 (Columbia Co. Administration Bk. B).

12) Conrad (Will), d. 28 Feb 1830, aged 83-3-17; his wife Hannah d. 22 Feb 1831, aged 79-1-10 (both Germantown Reformed Cemetery).