Johannes Finger's Children

The chart below compares the listing of Johannes' children from different sources. The notes below explain the conclusion we have come to on the Finger Family website. For each child, we list his name, year of birth, and who he or she married.

  FingerFamily site   Hank Jones   Old Dutch Post Star   Ruth Gloor Fingar
  1 * Elisabeth 1727
Johann(Henrich) Schmidt
Elisabetha 1727
Henr Schmidt
Elizabeth 1727 Elisabeth 1727
Johann Schmidt
  2 * Michael 1728
Margaretha Moescher
Michael 1728
Margaretha Moescher
Michael (Conrad) Michael 1728
  3 Marie Elizabeth 1731 Maria 1731 David Marie Elizabeth 1730
  4 * David 1733
Elisabeth Dick
Elisabetha Dick
Marie 1731 David 1733
  5 Anna Catherina 1734
Peter Hess
Anna Catharina 1734 Anna Catherine Anna Catherina 1734
  6 Johann Friederich 1735 Johann Friederich 1735
  7 John Henrich 1737 Johann Henrich 1737 John Henrich 1737
  8 Johannes 1739 Johannes 1739 Johannes 1739 Johannes 1739
Elisabeth Blass
  9 Johannes 1741
Elisabeth Blass
Johannes 1741
Elisabeth Blass
Johannes 1741
10 * Catharina 1742
Peter M. Blass
Catharine 1742
Peter Blass
Catherine 1742 Catherina 1742
Peter Hess, Jr
11 * Jacob 1744
Marytjen(Maria) Blass
Jacob 1744
Maria Blass
Jacob 1744 Jacob 1744
12 * Conrad 1746
Anatje(Anna) Berringer
(Conrad) Conrad 1746
13 * Annatchen 1748
Jacob Blass
Anna 1748 Anna 1748
Jacob Blass
14 * Peterus 1751 Peter Petrus 1751
"never married"
     * Mentioned in Johannes' will

In order to make the information on the Finger Family website more closely match the various sources, I have done the following:

This clears most discrepancies. It seemed unusual that there were 4 sons named John/Johann, but Hank Jones does cite the documentation, and the Old Dutch Post Star article already did have 3 listed. Perhaps two or 3 of them died young. This is also supported by the fact that there is no mention of a Johann or John in Johannes Finger's will.

One other discrepancy is, who married Peter Hess and who married Peter Blass. The extracted birth record for Johannes Blass, b. 1773 shows his father as Pieter Blass and his mother as Catharina Finger. But we also have the marriage record, shown below, that clearly shows the marriage of Peter Hefs [Hess] & Catharina Vinger. Most likely one of the Catharinas was Anna Catharina who might have gone by her middle name, since there is another daughter named Anna. I have chosen to put Anna Catherina with Peter Hess and Catharina with Peter Blass based on their ages, pairing the ones that are closer together. Anna Catherina was born in 1734 and Peter Hess was born in 1742, while Catharina was born in 1742 and Peter Blass in 1745. This is just speculation on my part, and determining which is which will take some more research.

(The German word in the record resembles getraut, meaning married)

Then there is the matter of the two additional children not listed by Hank Jones, Annatjen and Peterus. This may have been an omission on his part, since both are documented in extracted christening records, LDS IGI, and there are additional extracted christening records showing Anna Finger and Jacob Blass as parents. There is an extracted christening record from the Germantown Reformed Church that names Petrus as a son of Johannes and Catarin Finger, and Peterus is mentioned in Johannes' will.. According to History of Columbia County, Peterus was not married.