Deposition B
Julia A. Fingar Recalled

Case of Julia A. Fingar, No. 655747

On this 25 day of July, 1902, at Philmont, county of Columbia State of New York, before me, Allen F. Church a special examiner of the Bureau of Pensions, personally appeared Julia A. Fingar Recalled, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogations propounded to her during this special examination of aforesaid claim for pension, deposes and says:

I have heard you read the depositions of :
Elvin C. Shuttes,
George A. Lockwood
Ezra J. Beardsley,
Eugene Gardner,
George L. Harder,
Jane S. Harder, and
Peter R. Fingar
and I was present when the deposition of my sister Catherine Clum, and my son Sylvanus Fingar were taken.

Yes, my husband did own a house here at one time before he enlisted. It was when we were first married, and my father gave us the lot and the frame of the house and my husband and his father built it and $400 was borrowed on a mortgage to complete it. This property was foreclosed before my husband enlisted. No, we did not separate until he enlisted. Yes, I had thoughts of it before because he was running with other women, but we lived together until he enlisted. My father was instrumental in having me leave the tenant house on old Mr. Fingar's farm, and he violently opposed any talk of our living together again.
Q. You told me the other day you did not see your husband again from the time he enlisted in the Army and your son Sylvanus, George L Harder and Jane S Harder all say he was back several times, and so does Peter R. Fingar.
A. Yes I did see him twice, once when we lived at Mrs. Phelps during the first year after his enlistment, and the next time he came with his brother Peter R. and his sister Augusta Smith, living near the toll gate on the road to Hudson some 10 or 12 miles from here, were with him. No, I don't recollect that Peter R. tried to have us live together again. Never resumed married relations with soldier after he enlisted. My sister is mistaken about his wanting to come back and live with me a few years before his death. I only recall seeing him these two times.

Never knew he was drafted, or that he was arrested. Yes I have heard from others, either Peter Fingar or his mother that he did assume the name of JW Hoffman, but do not know why he did so. Did not know that he had ever lived in Richmond, Mass, Rutland or No. Pownal, Vt, Auburn, N.Y. or Locke, N.Y. Yes, I have heard he was at Columbus, Ohio, and he died in Syracuse. Yes Peter Fingar told me once that he had a letter from soldier stating that he was married. Yes, I have heard the names of Lorena Parks and Mrs. Delcena Smith as women whom my husband had lived with since he left me. Never saw Lorena Parks but did see Delcena Smith after his death. She came down here to see if he had a wife and 2 children. Had heard so but he denied it to her. She thought at first she could get the pension, but finding I was the lawful wife she wanted me to get the pension and give her half.
Q. Did you promise to do so?
A. No sir, I told her I would apply for the pension, but did not agree to divide with her.
Q. Did she claim at that time to have been married to your husband?
A. No, I don't think she did, I don't remember.

Yes I did get a postal and a letter from her since that, and in those she expressed a desire to have a part of my pension if I was successful in getting it.

I never knew the name of the woman he lived with in Rutland, Vt.
Yes, the woman Delcena said my husband had his life insured and that she collected it. Did not say how much, and did not offer to divide with me. No, I did not ask a division.

Yes, I did hear that a woman in Germantown had a child by him before I left him. Never heard of any others. Her name was Mary Wheeler, a single woman. Don't know where she is now.

Why George A. Lockwood was a young boy when we were first married. I remember him, but it is possible he does not remember either my husband or myself before the war.

No, my sister Jane is mistaken, my sister only pays $1.00 a week. It was intended to be $1.50 but Catherine's means will not permit that and I agreed for $1.00.

My mother died about 1885, I do not remember the exact date, and she left $4000 to be divided among seven of us, I paid my debts with my portion and have no part of it left. I was in debt quite a good deal for living expenses and repairs on my place. I have never sold or transferred any portion of my property. I have always worked and tired to keep it up.

I am the claimant and am interested in this claim for pension.

This statement has been read to me, I have understood your questions, and my answers are correctly recorded.

/s/ Julia A Fingar

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