Deposition D
Catherine Clum

Case of Julia A. Fingar, No. 655747

On this 23d day of July, 1902, at Philmont, county of Columbia State of New York, before me, Allen F. Church a special examiner of the Bureau of Pensions, personally appeared Catherine Clum, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogations propounded to her during this special examination of aforesaid claim for pension, deposes and says:

I am nearly 80 years of age, spinster and live with my sister Julia A. Fingar the claimant.

I knew her and her late husband Jacob Fingar from infancy. Neither had been married before they were married to each other, both were young, he was my second cousin. I was not present at the marriage, but my sister Gertrude was. She is now dead. I saw them all leave the house for the ministers, and met them when they came back. They lived together as husband and wife until he enlisted, and he never came back to live with claimant after that. I have understood that he ran away with other women. Have never seen him since. He left my sister desititute and father had to help her and her children while he lived. He bought a house for her, and when he died he left us some money, about a thousand dollars. Yes I got the same amount and I bought the farm, which I afterward sold, and have not much left, as I am old and cannot see except shadows.

Yes I have a little to live on. I pay my sister Julia $1.00 per week, and keep my own bed and try to make as little work as possible. Yes my sister worked in the mill after her husband left, and when father died and she got the money she built this house. No it is not all paid for, there is a mortgage of 800 on it, and she pays 6% interest for it. Yes she rents out part of this house and the whole of the other and gets $26.00 rent each month when all are rented. No, I do not know just what she pays for insurance, taxes and expenses.

My sister Julia has never applied for a divorce from Jacob Fingar; if she had I sure would have known it, and I never heard that he had applied for a divorce from her. I know she never received any notice of it. My sister Julia was married by Rev. Himrod of Reformed Church, at Mellenville, and my sisters Jane + Gertrude were there. I was not.

I am a sister of claimant, bur am not interested in her claim for pension. This statement has been read to me, I have understood your questions, and my answers are correctly recorded.

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