The Divorce of Lorana and Jacob Fingar

At a regular Special Term of the Supreme
Court held at the Court House in the
city of Rochester, N.Y., on the 10 day
of February, 1879.
Present Hon. D. Rumsey justice

Lorana A. Fingar
Jacob W. Fingar

This action having been brought on to be heard upon the complaint herein and upon the report of James Lyon, Esq., a referee, duly appointed in this action, with proofs taken before him, by which it appears that the defendant has been guilty of the acts of adultery charged against him in the complaint in this action; and on motion of Chas. F. Durston, of counsel for the plaintiff , it is

O r d e r e d and A d j u d g e d that the marriage between the said Lorana A. Fingar and the defendant, Jacob W. Fingar be and the same is hereby dissolved and the said parties are and each of them is freed from the obligation thereof. And it is further A d j u d g e d that it shall be lawful for the said plainitiff Lorana A. Fingar, to marry again in the same manner as though the said defendant Jacob W. Fingar were actually dead; but it shall not be lawful for the said defendant, Jacob W. Fingar to marry again until the said Plaintiff Lorana A. Fingar is actually dead.

And it is further A d j u d g e d that the said defendant pay to the said plaintiff or her attorney, the costs of this action, to be adjusted or taxed by Clerk of Cayuga County.

And it is further O r d e r e d that the plaintiff may, at any time hereafter as she may be advised, have leave to apply to the Court for alimony against the defendant, and fifty dollars are allowed to plaintiff as counsel fee in addition to costs to be adjusted.

Judg.&Decree. of Divorce ent. Apl.25, 1882, at 10 A.M. - S. J. Westfall, Clk.

Recorded in Cayuga Co. Clerk's office in Book 11 of Judgements at page 297.

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