The Finger Family in Brazil

a compilation of information from Marcos Finger of Brazil

Hello, I'm Marcos Paulo Finger, live in Brazil and I am a descendant of Johan (João) Finger, Germany to Brazil in 1827, I was surprised when researching I found this information on your site. I wonder what the connection with the Fingers of Johann's of USA and if you have knowledge of this acendentes.

Johann Finger... had seven children: John (first marriage) from which I descend, the second wife Catherine Maldhaner (Germany); Anton, Jacob James, Peter, Catherine, Margaret (Finger first born in Brazil) and Balthazar.

I hope you can understand me, because I do not speak English and used a translator for text you write.

I also saw another Finger on your site, Peter, who came later to Brazil and I have the following information about this:

In October 1857 Peter FINGER embarked at Hamburg (Germany) for Brazil, arriving on 1 November 1857 in Porto Alegre, going to Colonia Santo Anegelo, state Rio Grande do Sul. These being:
Peter Finger (07/01/1802 to 05/08/1881), laborer, Protestant, native of Kiepersdorf, Köslin Kreis, Pomerania, Kingdom of Prussia, buried in Evangelical Cemetery Agudo-RS; his wife Sophie Streloff (1809), also buried in Evangelical Cemetery Agudo-RS and their children:

1. Johanna Charlotte Finger (Adopted 24/01/1832 to 06/01/1921)
2. Emilie Sophie Finger (1840)
3. Ludwig Theodore Finger (01/06/1845 to 09/16/1931)
4. Franz Johann Gottfried Finger (18/05/1848 to 05/06/1927),
5. Wilhelmine Finger (1849);
6. Christian Albertine Finger(04/24/1850 to 11/18/1920)
7. Bertha Auguste Louise Finger (1/21/1875)
8. Clara Johanna Pauline Finger (15/08/1876).

Another route to Brazil later on April 14, 1869 was Gottlieb Finger: 54 years, laborer, Latzig, Prussia, c / wife Friederike (52), son Carl (18), Protestant, 3rd classeoutro. Embarked at Hamburg on a ship called Mathilde, arriving in June 22, 1869, bound for Dona Francisca and Blumenau.

Marcos Paulo Finger

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