Known Finger Family Lines
by Dwight Finger
Since I can't possibly keep up with all these different family lines by myself,
I am pleased to accept any contributions of genealogical information and/or pictures of our relatives. Send any additions, questions, or comments

(Are any of these lines related to you or to each other? We are on our way to finding out!)

Johannes Vinger, Germany to New York, 1710 - Family Line: JO1700

Johannes Vinger (born c.1700) arrived in Livingston, New York from Germany in 1710 and many descendants still live in the Hudson Valley area. Some descendants moved to western New York state, in particular to Benton, in Yates county. I understand many then moved further west from there. Today, descendants are found also in Alaska, California, Connecticut, Michigan and New York. Sometime in the 1800s, some family members changed the spelling to Fingar (and moved across the Hudson River), which name still exists today. There is some question as to how this came about, the popular belief is that there was some sort of family feud. Since I descend from this line, it is the main area of interest on this web site.

Peter Finger, Germany to Pennsylvania, North Carolina 1749 - Family Line: PE1724

Dealing with the Southern Finger Family, this line descends from Peter Finger, a farmer, born about 1724 in Germany, who settled in York County, Pennsylvania in 1749. His wife was Barbara and his children were Jacob, Catharine, Johannes, Elizabeth, Susannah, Daniel, Barbara, Henrich, and Margaretha. In 1777 the family moved to Lincoln County, North Carolina. Most of the Fingers in the southern states are descendant from this family. There is a town named Finger in Tennessee, presumably after a member of this family line. Also there is a Fingerville in South Carolina, named after Joseph Finger. Descendants today are found in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Florida and other states. Wade Finger has written an interesting account of the life of Peter Finger, read Who Was Peter Finger?

Johan (João) Finger, Germany to Brazil 1827

According to their website Johan was born in 1791 and "Arrived the Brazil em 06/01/1827 aboard of the ship Bodtra, from Prussia / Germany."

In May, 2010, more information about this family line came to us from Marcos Finger.

Theodore Finger, Germany to New Orleans, Texas, California, 1837 - Family Line: TH1815

Johann Henrich Finger, Prussia to Baltimore, 1836 - Family Line: JO1803

In e-mails from Bill Bilkey:

Johann Henrich (Henry) Finger (born 1803 in Prussia) came to Baltimore on 15 Oct 1836 on the ship Gustav and began raising a family. Two children, Gertrude and Henry were born there. Then they left for the Bronx, New York around January, 1843. Settling there, they became distinguished firemen.

Johannes Finger, Germany to Cleveland, Ohio 1840 - Family Line: JO1786

Wade Finger made mention of this family:

Johannes Finger (b. 6/13/1786) who immigrated to America (with his children Barbara, Elisabeth, Magdalena, Christina, Jakob, and Maria) in 1840.

I was able to find (Year, 1840):
Johannes Finger, primary immigrant with family members: Child Barbara; Child Christina; Child Jakob; Child Anna Maria; Child Magdalena; Child Elisabetha. This family was listed in 2 places,

1- A listing of families who left the German Palatinate for America.

2- Church registers of the Mennonite congregation in Friedelsheim in the 19th century. From the registers and from letters of immigrants in the U.S. Most settled in Ohio and Iowa.

- Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s at

According to the Family Group Record at, Johannes was born 13 Jun 1786, and married 8 May 1811. His father was Johann Finger and his mother was Barbara Kieferndorf. His wife was Magdalene, born 3 may 1794 and died 19 Sep 1830. Thus there is no wife listed with him when he came to the U.S. in 1840.

Charles Finger, Germany to Ohio, 1866 - Family Line: CH1844

Charles Finger, born 1844, came to Ohio from Germany (Prussia) in 1866. He was married to Lydia Webb and they had 6 children. Most stayed in Ohio or Michigan, but some descendants went to southern California.

George Finger, Germany to New York, 1845 - Family Line: GE1822

George Finger, born in Germany in 1822, came to the US in 1845.

Francois Joseph Finger, Alsace to Texas, 1846 - Family Line: FJ1816

Francois Joseph Finger, born in Alsace in 1816, came to the US in 1846 with his wife and son and settled in Medina County, Texas. All relevent censuses show him as Joseph Finger after his arrival. Some census records show his birth as Germany, some as France. Although Alsace is part of France, its borders have not always been clear. The region has been passed between French and German control several times since 1681. - Wikipedia

Bernhard Finger, Germany to Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, 1848 - Family Line: BE1824

Bernhard and his wife Margaret had 9 children. Throughout his life, Bernhard was a clerk, a bookkeeper, a Justice of the Peace, and a Notary Public. We find him in Iowa up through 1885 and in North Dakota in 1900. Some descendants can be found in Minnesota.

Adam Finger, Germany to Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Family Line: AD1818

Adam Finger came to the U.S. from Nassau, Germany in 1849. Also, we are assuming Philip Finger is his brother, based on a number of factors. The descendants of these families, for the most part, remained in Lancaster to this day. John Finger is a recent descendant who passed away Sept 21, 2019. The name Philip appears multiple times, making for interesting research.

John Finger, Germany to Pennsylvania, before 1850 - Family Line: JO1790

We first find John Finger on the 1850 Lehman, Pike, Pennsylvania census at age 60. He married Catharine Shuman, and they had 6 children, William, Jacob, Mary, Sarah, Catharine and Aaron.

Henry Finger, Germany to Marissa, Illinois, before 1851 - Family Line: HE1817

This information is from Vance Heil:

My name is Vance W. Heil, the current owner and second generation funeral director of Heil-Schuessler Funeral Homes. Before it was Heil-Schuessler it was known as Finger-Heil and before that Finger and Sons. Our main location is in Marissa, Illinois. My father purchased the funeral home from Mrs. Jeanette (Dunn) Finger, who took over the firm after her husband Frank Finger passed away. Frank's father Henry J. Finger founded my firm in 1891. A portion of our building was built by Henry in 1907 and is listed as the first "fireproof" building in Marissa – including steel-reinforced concrete walls and a 28 step marble staircase that was imported for this building. The only thing I know about Henry J's father was that his name was Henry Finger, he came from Germany, was a doctor, and was known as "Old Doc Finger" even though he died in his forties. I know that Henry J. had two brothers – Charles and Theodore. As well as owning the funeral home, Henry and Theodore owned and operated a grain mill and a furniture store in Marissa. I would image that the reason he wanted a "fireproof" building for the funeral home was that the grain mill burned down. The Fingers were a very prominent family and to mark that there is still a street named Finger Hill Road that goes through a well-to-do neighborhood in Marissa. I still have Henry Finger’s original Illinois license hanging in my office – dated 1918 when embalmers were required to be licensed. He was the 280th person to be licensed in the State of Illinois.
Henry J. Finger's parents were Henry Finger, born abt 1817 in Frankfurt, Germany and Augusta Michel, born abt 1828 in Germany. They were in the U.S. by the time their first son Charles was born (January 1851).

Henrich Finger, Bottendorf to America c.1852 (& other descendants of Samuel Finger) - Family Line: HE1837

Henrich was the first of a number of Fingers from this line to come to the U.S.
John Vanko, the great grandson of Conrad Finger sent us this:

My great-grandfather Conrad Finger made certain that every one of his grandchildren knew the name of his native village - Bottendorf. Almost all Fingers in Baltimore were descended from Conrad Finger (1865-1930). He had a nephew, Henry Finger, who lived in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, who would come to Baltimore to visit. Henry had a brother, John Tobias Finger, a life-long butcher who lived in Vineland, New Jersey.

In Baltimore today, the Finger surname, from Bottendorf at least, has died out.

The Fingers of Bottendorf, Frankenberg, Willersdorf, Wangershausen, Rengershausen, Birkenbringhausen, Muenden, Bromskirchen, and Somplar, all appear to be descended from Samuel Finger born before 1568 in Muenden (present day Viermuenden) north of Bottendorf.

The Fingers from Bottendorf and Frankenberg have no known connections to the Fingers of the southern U.S., nor the Fingers of Switzerland, nor the Fingers of Berlin.

I have found 26 Fingers, all descendants of Samuel Finger, who emigrated between 1850 and 1930:

Henrich Finger (b. 1817 Bottendorf, d. 1891 Thorofare, New Jersey) immigrated c. 1852
Jacob Finger (b. 1818 Willersdorf, d. 1899 Warren Township, NJ) immigrated 1851 to New Jersey
Christoph Finger (b. 1824 Willersdorf) immigrated 1843 to Boston, Massachusetts.
Johann Henrich Finger, brother of Christoph above, (b. 1837 Willersdorf, d. 1917 Prescott, Michigan) immigrated 1857 to New York
Katharina Elisabeth Finger (b. 1827 Bottendorf, d. 1915 Woodbury, New Jersey) immigrated 1855 to New Jersey
Henrich Finger, brother of Katharina above, (b. 1830 Bottendorf, d. 1913 Glassboro New Jersey) immigrated 1854
Henrich Michael Finger, brother to Katharina and Henrich above, (b. 1835 Bottendorf) immigrated in 1854
Anna Elisabeth Finger (b. 1835 Bottendorf) immigrated 1855, possibly to Philadelphia
Katharina Elisabeth Finger, sister of Anna above, b. 1838 Bottendorf) immigrated 1860 to New York
Emanuel Finger (b. 1840 Bottendorf, d. 1910 Greenfield Wisconsin) immigrated 1860 to New York
Hartmann Finger, brother of Emanuel above, immigrated 1866 to New York, may have called himself Herman in America
Konrad Finger, brother of Emanuel and Hartmann above, (b. 1849 Bottendorf) immigrated 1872 to New York
Conrad Finger (b. 1865 Bottendorf, d. 1913 Baltimore, Maryland) immigrated 1881 to Baltimore
Tobias Finger, brother of Conrad above, (b. 1863 Bottendorf, d. 1913 Bottendorf) immigrated 1883 to Philadelphia, returned to Bottendorf in 1888 to inherit the family farm.
Henrich Finger, son of Tobias above, (b. 1890 Bottendorf, d. 1986 Willow Grove, PA) immigrated 1913 to Philadelphia.
Johann Tobias Finger, son of Tobias and half-brother of Henrich above, (b. about 1912 Bottendorf, d. about 1986 NJ) immigrated 1930, settled in Vineland, New Jersey.
Marie Finger, daughter of Tobias above, (b. about 1903 Bottendorf, d. New Jersey) immigrated 1923
Katharina Elisabeth Finger, daughter of Tobias above, (b. 1900 Bottendorf) immigrated in 1923
Sabine Finger (b. 1903 Bottendorf) immigrated 1922
Elisabeth Finger, sister of Sabine above, (b. 1879 in Bottendorf) immigrated to Philadelphia.
Anna Elisabeth Finger, sister of Sabine and Elisabeth above, (b. 1883 Bottendorf) immigrated to Philadelphia.
Tobias Finger, brother of Sabine, Elisabeth, and Anna above, (b. 1893 Bottendorf)
Johannes Finger, brother Sabine, Elisabeth, Anna, and Tobias above, (b. 1895 Bottendorf)
Ludwig Finger, brother of Sabine, Elisabeth, Anna, Tobias, and Johannes above (b. 1900 Bottendorf)
Friedrich Finger (b. 1904 Bottendorf) immigrated 1927
Johannes Finger (b. 1876 Wangershausen) immigrated prior to 1902
There is some additional information from John at Samuel Finger, Oldest Finger Ancestor in Bottendorf.
Updated October, 2007, see Fingers from Bottendorf to America.

Franz Joseph Finger, Germany to Wisconsin, 1852 - FR1816

Terri Finger sent us this:

Franz Joseph Finger, son of Conrad Finger and Agatha Buchderkirchen, was born in Meerhof, Germany. He married Anna Agatha Drepps Sep., 1844, in Meerhof, Germany. They had 3 Children there before coming to the US in 1852. One was Thomas Ferdinand (who went by Ferdinand). They settled in Wisconsin, Juneau County area. Ferdinand married twice, his first wife was Barbara Frisch and his second wife was Mary Elizabeth Barrett. Mary and Ferdinand had 3 children, their son Leo John is my grandfather. Joseph died in Dane County, Wisconsin. Ferdinand and Leo are buried in Juneau County.

In January of 2003, Tom Lutz sent this additional information: [Updated March, 2003]:

...I am quite certain that Anna Agatha Drepps is the same person who is Anna Agatha Dreps (b.16 Mar 1823 in Meerhof), the daughter of Ludwig Dreps and Gertrud Nolte. She had two brothers, Bernard Dreps and Johan "Anton" Dreps, who settled around Sheboygan Co, WI before the Civil War, the former likely in the mid 1850s. The Dreps are a family related to my mother's which is also from Sheboygan Co, and I've just started doing some some research about them. They had a pretty good (positive) impact on Sheboygan Co's history, starting out as big farming families, but getting involved in law enforcement (one was a longtime sheriff) among other occupations. I have Bernard Dreps marrying a Teresa Agenthen who I think was also from Meerhof, and for your information her family also seems to be showing up repeatedly in my research. I recently learned that Bernard had a son Joseph who also settled in Juneau Co. Those Agathen's had family that also settled at Eagle, WI. There is some info about those Agathen's on-line at the LDS website. I found info about these folks recently in the Sheboygan records.

Franz Joseph Finger, born to Conrad Finger and Agatha Buchderkirchen, on 27 July 1816 in Meerhof, is likely the same Frank Joseph Finger who married Anna Agatha Dre(e)ps on 24 Sept 1844 in Oesdorf.
From Biographical Review of Dane County, WI Chicago: Biographical Review Pub. Co. 1893, Vol I, p 241
Joseph FINGER, deceased, was born in Prussia, Germany, in 1816. He was reared to farm life, received a good common school education, and remained at home with his parents until 1854. In that year he came on a sailing vessel to America, landing in New York after a voyage of two months, with comparatively little means. A short time afterward be bought eighty acres of land in Bristol township, Dane county, Wisconsin, for which he paid $900. Thirty acres of land was cleared, and on which was a small log house, where they began their pioneer life. Mr Finger added to his original purchase until he owned 100 acres, erected a good residence, barns, etc., and remained there until his death on 2 August 1885. He was buried in the Catholic cemetery at East Bristol, Dane County, Wisconsin.

In 1884* he was united in marriage with Agatha Dreps. They reared a family of eight children:

Mary, of La Crosse, Wisconsin;
Catherine, wife of Fred Krich, of Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin;
Ferdinand, of Camp Douglas Juneau County, Wisconsin;
Henry, of North Leeds, Columbia County;
Joseph, of Madison;
Agatha, of Albany, Stearns County, Minnesota;
Anton, of Hampden, Columbia County, Wisconsin; and
Theresia, at home.

For a short time after the father's death the farm was conducted by a son, but since that time, in company with her daughters, Agatha (DREPS) FINGER has managed the entire place. The children have all received a good education, and the family are members of the Catholic Church.

* perhaps a typo, it should be 1844

Wilhelm Finger, Germany to Illinois, Kansas, 1852 - Family Line: WI1818

On the ship's passenger list for the ship Harriet Frances of June 8, 1852 we find the following listed: Wilhelm Finger age 34, farmer, his wife Margaretha age 45, and his son Ferdinand age 13. The port of arrival was New Orleans from Hamburg, Germany. The passenger list shows their destination as St. Louis. However, we have not been able to find Wilhelm or Margaretha on any census records. Ferdinand first shows up in 1870 in Funks Grove, McLean, Illinois (a little SW of Bloomington). He marries in 1863 and then has 11 children. From there his family traveled on to Kansas.

Francis M. Finger, Germany to Indiana, Missouri 1853 - Family Line: FR1814

Read more about this family line in this article from Greg Breetz, Jr., the 3rd great-grandson of Francis Finger.

Gottfried Finger, Germany to Wisconsin, 1854 - Family Line: GO1809

This is from Kathy Lathrop:

My grandmother was Helen Dorothy Finger, her father was Albert Finger and his father was Gottried Finger. Gottried was born 1809, married Eva Kempf, born 1810. I know for sure that Eva was born in Pozen, Germany and that Gottried was born in Germany. They married in 1830s, had two children in Germany, August and Julius, born in 1830s. They then came to the Milwaukee area, Wisconsin, had more children, and later settled in Bear Creek area, Wisconsin.
Actually, August and Julius were born in the 1840s. Gottfried and Eva also had 3 daughters while in Germany, Juliane, born 1843, Pauline, born 1850, and Adelia, born 1853. Gottfried, his wife Eva, and 5 children are found on the ship's passenger list Louisiana that departed Bremen, Germany on August 9, 1854. Three more children were born to them in Wisconsin. One grandson of Gottfried, Orley Herman Finger (b. 1883) and his family, lived in Canada from about 1901 to 1922, and then moved to Minnesota (1930 census).

Martin Finger, Germany to New York, 1856 - Family Line: MA1831

Martin Finger was born in Germany c. 1831, came to the U.S. in 1856 and served in the Civil War in the New York 14th Infantry Regiment Company B. After the war we find him in various occupations, such as peddlar, saloon keeper, and huckster. His wife, Ann Mary Wagner, died just before age 33 when she was told of a young boy drowning. She assumed it was her son (it wasn't) and staggered and fell. She died later that night. Martin and Ann had 4 children.

Peter Finger, Germany to Brazil, 1857

Carlos Finger sent some information that he received with news about Carlos Alberto V. Finger:

His great-grandfather came to Brazil in 1857, from Nieder Sachson's region in Germany and resided in the region of the river Jacui in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, that is boundary with Argentina. He called himself Peter Finger, his son Adolf Finger, his grandson Armando Finger and his great-grandchild who wrote to me, Carlos Finger.

In May, 2010, we received some more information about this line from Marcos Finger.

Heinrich (Henry) Finger, Germany to New York City, 1857

John Vanko sent us the information about the life of Heinrich Finger, that was put together by Heinrich's great-great-grandson Thomas Finger. Heinrich was born in Germany in 1837 and came to the U.S. in 1857.

August Finger, Germany to Wisconsin, Minnesota, 1858 - Family Line: AU1827

August and his wife Louisa and daughter Mary came to the U.S. about 1858. Then they had 3 more children, Minnie, Charles and Ella. First found in Wisconsin, but by 1870 they are in Minnesota. Most descendants continued to live in Steele and Rice Counties, Minnesota.

John H. Finger, Germany to New York, Illinois, Iowa, 1858 - Family Line: JO1854

John is an adopted son. He came to America as John H. Reese, whose parents died on the voyage. On his arrival in New York he was put into an orphanage but later was adopted by a Finger family in Illinois, about 1864. He went on to marry Louisa Stroh and had 7 children. Read the account of his life.

Charles Finger, Germany to Illinois 1859 - Family Line: CH1831

Charles Finger and his descendants are found mostly in Will County, Illinois, although some descendants were in Nebraska for a time but returned to Illinois.

Frank Finger, Germany to Buffalo, New York, before 1860 - Family Line: FR1822

Not much is known. He was married to Barbara and had 4 children Frank Jr., Michael, Adam, and Anna. His second wife was Anna and they had 2 children, George, and Catharine.

Emanuel Finger, Germany to Philadelphia, 1860 - Family Line: HE1837

I am a descendant of Emanuel Finger, who arrived here in Philadelphia from Rottersdorff [Bottendorf] with his wife-to-be, Catarina Ernst, on 11/27/1860. He was born on December 2, 1840 and died on March 17, 1910 in Milwaukee, having lived in Milwaukee area since 1864 or 6.

From Kathy Howard . In August, 2004, it was discovered that Kathy's and John Vanko's ancestors are related.

1880 Greenfield, Milwaukee, Wisconsin census:

Name Age Relation Occupation Born
Finger Emanuel 39 head farmer and milkman Hesse
— Catharine 38 wife keeping house Hesse
— Anna 17 daughter   New Jersey
— Jacob 15 son works on the farm New Jersey
— Catharine 12 daughter   Wisconsin
— Louisa 10 daughter at school Wisconsin
— Ida 7 daughter at school Wisconsin
— Herman E. 5 son   Wisconsin
— Henry 3 son   Wisconsin

Peter Finger, Germany to New York City, c.1860s

Lisa Finger sent the following:

My gg-grandfather was Peter Finger (c. 1828-1872), who immigrated from Germany in the 1850s and resided in New York City in the mid to late 1860s. He married Margaretha Appelhans, an immigrant from Ostohofen, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt. They had three children (Peter Paul, Andreas H. and Othilia Anna, also known in later years as Matilda or Tillie). Other than his wife and children, I've been able to turn up little. He did live at 129 Forsyth Street in Manhattan, and in the city directories, there was also a Jacob Finger listed at the same address during that time period. How Jacob was related to Peter I do not know. Peter died on 28 June 1872 at the Smallpox Hospital in New York and was buried in the City Cemetery at Hart Island (Potter's Field).

There had been a web site with this family but it is no longer there.

William Finger, Germany to New York (Ohio, Georgia, Illinois) 1861 - Family Line: WI1835

William Finger, born 1835 in Bernburg Germany, came to the U.S. in November, 1861 aboard the ship Herzogin Von Brant. He is on the ship's passenger list as Wilhelm Finger, age 25. He arrived in New York and within one month enlisted in the Union Army. After his discharge in 1864, he went back to Germany and learned the upholstering trade from his father. In 1867 he returned to the United States on the ship Atalanta. While on this voyage he met his wife-to-be Elizabeth Heidenreich. They arrived in the U.S. in January 1867 and were married in Columbus, Ohio on June 23, 1867. They had 7 children, 2 born in Ohio and 5 in Georgia. Read an interesting account of his life in his own words.

Ernst Heinrich Finger, Germany to Wisconsin (Minnesota, South Dakota) 1863 - Family Line: ER1840

Born 1840, he is likely the E.H. Finger age 23 found on the passenger list of the ship Hammonia, arriving in New York from Germany in July 1863. In 1867 he married Amelia Koehler, and they had 5 children, all born in Wisconsin:

John Henry 1868
Elizabeth 1869
Amelia Helena 1871
August Herman 1874
Ernst E. 1876

Ernst Finger died 15 April 1878. His wife Amelia may have then married Earnst Kurth since Earnst, Amelia and the 5 children are listed on the 1885 Lake Henry, Stearns, Minnesota state census.

Wolfgang Finger, Germany to Argentina, 1865

Felipe Finger traveled to South America in 1865, it is supposed that he was a stowaway, in a ship from Hamburg. Upon his arrival his name was changed from Wolfgang Finger to Felipe by immigration officials. We have a page of information concerning The Finger Family in Argentina as provided by Carlos Finger.

Frederick "Fritz" Finger, Germany to Missouri, Kentucky - Family Line: FR1844

Fritz Finger was a brewmaster who came to the U.S. in 1867. Later, in 1872 came Caroline Schorr, who became his wife in 1874. On some census records her name is Karolina, with some abbreviated as Lina. Two of his children were born in Illinois. This family shows up twice on the 1880 census, the 2 records were taken 5 months apart.

Frederick Finger, Switzerland to Ohio, 1871 - Family Line: FR1833

He had 7 children, all born in Ohio, starting in 1873.

John Finger, Bohemia to New York, 1872 - Family Line: JO1861

He was on the 1900 Manhattan, New York census. He and his wife Mary had 10 children.

Henry A. Finger, Prussia to Kansas, 1872 - Family Line: HE1825

Henry Finger, his wife, and four children are first found on the 1880 Perry, Kansas census. His two daughters Sophia and Kate are each working as servants in other households. These two daughters ended up marrying 2 brothers, James and William Durnberger. Later, most of the family is found in Toronto, Kansas.

Fredrick Finger, Switzerland to America, 1872 - Family Line: FR1842

Keith Finger from upstate New York, the great grandson of Fredrick Finger sent us this:

Fredrick Finger, born 1842, married Elizabeth Heil, they had 5 kids:
Fredrick J., born 12/25/1875; his twin Gottlieb; John, born 1876; Mary, born 1878; and Emma born in 1882.

Fredrick J. married Katie Erhardt in 1911, Gottlieb married Anna Schiesser, John married someone named Blanche, Mary married John Littleboy, and Emma married Irv Paulk.

1880 Clay, Onondaga, New York census:

Name Relation Age Occupation Born
Finger, Frederick head 38 laborer Switzerland
— Elizabeth wife 34 keeping house Switzerland
— John F son 4 at school New York
— Gotliph B son 4 at school New York
— John R son 3 at home New York
— Mary E daughter 1 at home New York

August Finger, Germany to Pennsylvania, 1879 - Family Line: AU1846

This is from from Bob Fingers:

My name is Robert Fingers. I live in Mesa, [Arizona]. My great grandfather on my father's side was Augusta Finger (1846/1925). He was married to Emma Hoeferman (1849/1935). They emigrated from Germany in 1879 and August received his citizenship in 1888. They lived in McDonald, Pa... I also see in the web site a reference to Rollie Fingers, ex major league baseball pitcher and currently in the Hall of Fame. Rollie is my nephew, the son of my older brother George.
Bob Fingers
Mesa, Az.
In looking at census records it seems that the name Finger was changed to Fingers sometime between 1920 and 1930. One descendant of August was George Finger (b.1892). Read this interesting account of his life: The Story of George Finger as related by Robert in 2003.

William Adolph Finger, Germany to Vermont, New York, 1880 - Family Line: WI1859

William Finger came to the U.S. in 1880, first to Vermont, then to Long Island, New York. He operated a florist and nursery business under the name of Manetto Hill Nurseries "The Home of the Dahlia".
He had five children. One daughter, Clara, died when her 2 children were very young, so William and his wife raised them.

Antonius "Anton" Finger, Germany to Baltimore, Wisconsin, 1881 - Family Line: AN1821

On October 11, 1869 Franz (Francis, Frank) Finger, age 25, arrived in Baltimore from Bohemia. Also with him is his wife, Anna Finger age 36. Later, his father Anton age 60, and brothers Wilhelm age 20, and Adolf age 16, arrived in Baltimore from Bremen, Germany on the German Steamship Strassburg on October 9, 1881. Also listed separately is Amalie Finger age 18. In addition, there is Stephen Rollig age 40, perhaps related to Anton's wife Anna Rollig. After that they appear in Oconto and Marinette Counties in Wisconsin

(The name Bohemia was used before 1918. After the end of WWII it was again reintegrated into Czechoslovakia and its German ethnic group was expelled.)

Louis (Ludwig) Finger, Germany to Michigan, 1881 - Family Line: LO1849

We first find Louis and Gustave Finger on the 1900 Saginaw, Michigan census. It appears that the two were brothers and may have come to the U.S. together in 1881. Louis married Ernestina Dux and had 3 children, Gustave married Augusta Brokopp and had 11 children (9 by 1900 of whom 6 were living). So far we have not discovered on what ship they traveled nor who their father was. One descendant of Louis was Howard W. Finger who worked for the radio station WSAM in Saginaw.

Julius Finger, Germany to Michigan, 1882 - Family Line: JU1882

Julius Finger, b.1865 who came to Michigan in 1882 and who served in the Spanish-American War. His family is usually found on the Bay City, Bay, Michigan censuses. However he had no children. His wife Maria had been married previously to Matthew Eichhorn and their 2 sons Ernest and Leonhardt were listed as Fingers on the 1900 census and as Eichhorns on all others.

Gustav Finger, Germany to New York, 1882 - Family Line: GU1864

Gustav and his descendants settled in Cattaraugus County, New York. Two of his sons entered law enforcement. "Police Capt George E. Finger, a member of the force for 23 years, works the day trick while his brother, Capt Edward P. Finger, a 21-year veteran, works the night desk."

Also related to this line, perhaps a brother of Gustav, is Charles Emil Finger, born 1850, in Germany. He also settled in Cattaraugus County, and he had 7 children.

In addition, we have discoved that descendants of Gotleib Finger also are related. We have been trying to find the relationship of these 3 lines, but so far, haven't been able to.

Wilmar Finger, Germany to Missouri, 1883

Richard Finger writes:

Wilmar and Liberta FINGER, ancestors of the FINGER Families in Perry County, MO, are listed as passengers on the vessel “Westphalia” from Hamburg and Havre, Germany arriving 8 May 1883 in New York, NY. Their names were spelled Willmar and Liberta Fingert, given ages were 28 and 21 respectively. Wilmar’s occupation was listed as merchant and the couple’s province origin was listed as Saxony, Germany. Three months later, the couple was in Perry County, MO, when they purchased approximately 200 acres of land overlooking the town of 76, MO on 10 Aug 1883 from George H. LAWSON and his wife Eliza of Chester, IL for $1,300.

Richard has more on his site, Wilmar and Liberta Finger.

Peter Finger, Germany to New York, 1883 - Family Line: PE1845

Carl Finger, Germany to Wisconsin, 1884 - Family Line: CA1844

Patrick Finger, Ireland to California, 1884 - Family Line: PA1865

Max A. Finger, Germany to Illinois, 1884 - Family Line: MA1874

We don't have too much info about this family. Max and his wife Mary lived in Chicago and had 8 children.

Henry Finger, Germany to Indiana, 1884 - Family Line: HE1866

Henry Finger came to the U.S. in 1884, his wife Augusta in 1886. He was naturalized in 1894, we don't find that his wife was, she's called an alien on the 1920 census. Henry and Augusta had 4 children. Henry was a coal miner, as were his sons Otto and Bertal. Otto's son Robert was also a coal miner, and his death certificate indicates he had Black Lung - Severe. Most of this family stayed in Indiana.

Rudolph Finger, Germany to Wisconsin, 1885 - Family Line: RU1862

George Finger, Germany to Pennsylvania, 1885 - Family Line: GE1871

It is not clear when George came to the U.S. One census says 1872, another says 1885.

Louis Finger, Russia to Delaware, 1885

This came to us from David Finger who does not have too much more information other than to say that Louis was his paternal great-grandfather. The 1900 census says he was born in July, 1869, that he came to the U.S. in 1885 and was married in 1888.

In November, 2010 I added this line to our website. Some descendants of this line became prominent lawyers in Delaware.

1900 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware census:
(Esther is a widow on the 1910 census)

Name Relation Age Occupation Born
Finger Louis head 31 letter carrier Russia
— Esther wife 29   Russia
— Matthias son 11   Delaware
— Aaron son 10   Delaware
— Samuel B son 7   Delaware
— Frenda daughter 6   Delaware
— Rebekah (Reba) daughter 4   Delaware

Charles Finger, Germany via England to New York, 1887 - Family Line: CH1839

Charles was a tailor from Germany working in England. He came to the U.S. in 1887. Later his son Charles Joseph Finger came to America, and became a U.S. citizen in 1896. This son had an interesting career, working first for the railroad, then becoming a writer. He moved often, having lived in New York, Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, and Arkansas. Read more information about Charles J. Finger from the University of Arkansas Manuscript Collection 639

Johann Finger, Germany to Ohio, 1887 - Family Line: JO1869

Not much is known about this line. Johann came to the U.S. in 1887. About 1891 he married a woman named Regina and they had 4 children: Anna who married Frank Koliha; John, who served in the Navy; Frederick; and Elsie. They all lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Sam Finger, Russia to Texas, 1890 - Family Line: SA1872

With some encouragement from descendant Lin Finger, I was able to add this line to our database. This line of the Finger family went on to found the Finger Furniture stores in Houston, Texas. One descendant, Hyman Finger, along with his sons, formed Finger Enterprises, builders of homes, apartments, shopping centers, etc.

Samuel Finger, Russia to New York, 1890 - Family Line: SA1866

Samuel Finger came to the U.S. from Russia in 1890, and the rest of his family arrived in 1896. One son, Abraham, went on the become a successful businessman, opening a store in Peekskill, New York named Finger's Store, that operated for 25 years.

Albin Finger, Germany to New Jersey, 1892 - Family Line: AL1874

Albin Finger was born in Germany in 1874. He came to the U.S. in 1892 and married a woman named Anna (b. 1875 New York), about 1899. He had 3 children - Rose, Frederick and Kenneth. All we know so far is that Frederick became a physician, and that he died in Florida at age 89. Anna is a widow in 1930, so Albin died sometime between 1920 and 1930. We found that Rose was unmarried at age 29, and was a stenographer for the stock exchange. In looking at ship's passenger records we see that Anna, Rose, and Kenneth took a trip to Bermuda in April 1928, Anna and Kenneth took a trip to the West Indies in 1929, and Anna and Frederick took a trip to Bermuda in 1937.

Jacob Finger, Russia to Idaho, New York, 1892 - Family Line: JA1874

Jacob Finger, born 1874 in Russia came to Idaho in 1892. Later, in 1920 and 1930 we find him in Syracuse and Buffalo, New York. He married Elizabeth Lewis in 1909, and they had 2 sons, James and Frank.

Adam Finger, Germany to Connecticut, 1893 - Family Line: AD1878

In 1999 I spoke to two members of the family of Philip Finger in Branford, Connecticut, his daughter, Deborah Finger and John Finn. John told me that his Finger ancestry goes back to Adam Finger who came to New Haven from Germany. On his WWI draft registration I found that Adam was born 11 March 1878. He is listed on the passenger list of the S.S. Lahn, that arrived in New York on 17 Aug 1893 from Bremen, Germany.

1910 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut census:

Name Relation Age Occupation Born
Finger, Adam head 32 baker, bakery shop Germany
— Margaret wife 26   Connecticut
— Marie daughter 8   Connecticut
— Christe son 7   Connecticut
— Susie daughter 2   Connecticut

1930 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut census:

Name Relation Age Occupation Born
Finger, Adam head 52 baker, pastry shop Germany
— Margaret A wife 46   Connecticut
— Henry son 19 errand boy tailor shop Connecticut
— Philip son 12   Connecticut
— George son 12   Connecticut
— John A son 9   Connecticut

David Finger, Austria to Massachusetts, New York, 1895 - Family Line: DA1875

David Finger (b.1875) is first found on the 1900 census in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts age 24, married, a fruit peddler. In 1910 and 1920 we find him in Manhattan, New York. His brother Max Finger (b.1881) came to the U.S. in 1897, was married about 1904, and continued to live in Massachusetts. In looking over census records, it may be that there were other brothers, but so far this hasn't be proven. A Benjamin Finger and a Solomon Finger seem to have some similarities to David and Max.

Peter Finger, Germany to New York, 1895 - Family Line: PE1868

Peter Finger (b.1868 Germany) married Balbina Stortz (b.1874 Germany) who was previously married to Louis Weidenbacher. She had 3 children, Frank (b.1899), Joseph (b.1897) and Mary (b.1900) who show up as step children of Peter after 1910. They also had 4 children together: Peter (b.1905), Edward (b.1909), Helen (b.1913), and Mildred (b.1915).

Jacob Finger, Russia to Erie County, New York, 1895 - Family Line: JA1878

Jacob Finger (b.1878 Russia) married Helen Hiller (b.1889 Russia). They had 7 children. Desendant family names include Fitzgerald, Granke, and Hershelman.

Joseph Finger, Austria to New Orleans, Houston, 1903 - Family Line: JO1887

Joseph Finger, architect, was born on March 7, 1887, in Bielitz, Austria, the son of Hani (Steifter) and Henri Finger. He received his primary, secondary, and technical education in Bielitz. Immigrating to the United States in 1905*, Joseph settled initially in New Orleans. He moved to Houston in 1908. From the beginning of his first partnership, Joseph was identified with the design of office, hotel, retail, and industrial buildings.

As the city's foremost Jewish architect from the 1910s through the 1940s, he designed many Jewish institutional buildings, as well as buildings for individual Jewish clients.

Joseph married Gertrude Levy of Houston on June 18, 1913. They were the parents of one son, Joseph Seifter Finger, a landscape architect and golf course designer. Joseph was a member of the American Institute of Architects. He was also a member of Congregation Beth Israel, the Independent Order of B'nai Brith, the Houston Turn-Verein, the Westwood Country Club, Chamber of Commerce, and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Joseph Finger died on February 6, 1953, in Houston.

Read his Biography

* 1903 According to 1920 and 1930 census

William John Henry Finger, Germany to South Dakota, California, 1905 - Family Line: WI1883

We Find William on the passenger list of the S.S. Friedrich Der Grosse as Wilhelm Finger age 22, single, sailing from Bremen, Germany September 9, 1905 and arriving in New York September 19, 1905. Passage was paid for by himself, he has $60 in his posession, and he is going to join his friend Gerhard Gayken in Lemon, S.D. His residence before leaving Germany was Bremerhaven.

He married Eva Niesen in 1909 and is living in Lamro*, South Dakota in 1910 (census). In 1920 he is living in Sacramento, California. By 1940 he has moved to Roseville, California (next to Sacramento) and is operating a business "Finger's Paint & Hardware".

* We wonder if that should be Lemon, S.D., but the original census record clearly says Lamro, Tripp County.

Christian Finger, Switzerland to Kansas, 1905 - Family Line: CH1880

Christian Finger came to the U.S. as a single man in 1905. We find him on the first census in 1910 (at age 30 in Powhattan, Kansas), in the household of Gottlieb Wenger as a hired man. Gottlieb's daughter, Clara Wenger later became his wife. The census records show his first child was born in 1913, so he must have married about that time. Interestingly Gottlieb was a witness for his naturalization in 1917.

In 1925 his (assumed) brother Karl Finger, wife and 3 children came to the U.S. from Switzerland and also lived in Powhattan, Kansas.

Louis Finger, Austria to New York City, 1907 - Family Line: LO1890

Louis was married to Tessie and they had 3 children. One child, Milton, changed his name to Bill, and was involved in the creation of Batman comic book characters.

Kurt Finger, Germany to Bronx, New York, 1926 - Family Line: KU1899

Kurt married Anna Haupt and had 1 child, Armin Arthur Finger

Israel Finger, Unknown - Family Line: UN0001

This person continues to be a mystery. Born in 1818 in Pennsylvania, we aren't sure who his parents were. His wife was Elizabeth McCord and he had 5 children, always found on census records in West Nantmeal, Chester, Pennsylvania. One researcher's information suggests his father was Daniel Finger. However, we do not know who the original immigrant was for this line.

I have also included other persons in this line because of their close location although I can't find any relationship:

David Finger born 1778, found in 1850 on the Caernarvon, Berks, Pennsylvania census. He married Letitia and had 4 children.

David Finger born 1805, found in 1850 and 1860 on the Caernarvon, Berks, Pennsylvania census. He married Catherine Smith and had 10 children. Some descendants moved to Ohio and Illinois.

Ephraim Finger, born abt 1860. He is on the 1870 Caernarvon, Lancaster, Pennsylvania census, then in 1885 he's found to be in Highland, Wapell, Iowa. No parents, wife, or children are known.

Since the above counties are close to York County, where the pioneer Peter Finger lived, I have tried to match these with his line, but so far have been unable to find any connection.

Webster Finger, Unknown - Family Line: UN0002

This person also is a mystery. We read "...he was left an orphan at the age of seven years and was educated by a grandparent, who lived at Clyde in this state" but have not been able to discover who that grandparent is. He had no children.

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