Lewis Fingar

Compiled in 1894

The Chatham Courier November 27, 1941 page 4

Lewis Fingar, a popular and intelligent gentleman of Columbia County, is the proprietor of a hotel at Snyderville, where he is also engaged in general merchandising. He is a man who has been quite successful in the business affairs which he has managed. Having, started in life for himself without capital, he has accumulated considerable property, and come into possession of none of it by fraudulent or unfair means. He has given to his business that honest, endeavor and determination which have made him both prosperous and respected.

He was born in the town of Livingston, Columbia County, N. Y., September 9, 1859, and is of German lineage. His grandfather, Elias Fingar, was born in Germantown, the family being among the early settlers. He owned a large farm in his native town, and there lived all his life. His residence was near where the Lutheran church now stands, and he was quite prominent in the affairs of that denomination. The father of Lewis is Adam Fingar, whose biography appears elsewhere in this work. He now lives about three miles east of Blue Stores, Columbia County, where he has a fine farm, consisting of two hundred and sixty-five acres, and is successfully engaged in its cultivation. The wife of Adam Fingar was Mary Moore, of Germantown. They reared six children. The first three were sons: Silas, Griffin and William B. Then came Christina, who married Chas. Link, of Clermont; and the next was Roetta [Rosetta], who became the wife of Charles A. Stickles; and the last was Lewis, the subject of this sketch, who spent his youth upon the farm with his parents. He received his education in the district schools and in a select school at Clermont, and continued at home till twenty-five years old. He then went to the village of Johnstown and engaged in the butcher business, running a meat wagon and keeping a market. He continued thus employed for two years, then sold out and came to his present place of business at Weaver Hollow, or Snyderville. He has a large general store, and keeps a good hotel, and also manages a cider and saw mill. He has some twenty-six acres of land devoted to the growing of fruit and in the various activities of life he seems to be a success. He was married February 6, 1884, to Mary L. Link, who was born in Taghkanik in 1859, a daughter of Morgan Link and Lydia (Miller) Link. Mr. and Mrs. Link had two other children, namely Oscar J.; and Ida, who married Winfield Meyers, a farmer of Gallatin. The mother of Mrs. Fingar was the daughter of John I. Miller, who was a farmer of Taghkanic, and quite a prominent man of that town. Mrs. Fingar's grandmother on the mother's side was Catharine Rockefeller, of Kinderhook. Mr. and Mrs. Fingar have two children: Ida M. and Morton L. They attend the church at Manorton, of which Mrs. Fingar is a faithful and much esteemed member. Mr. Fingar affiliates with the Republican party; and, while not considered a politician; he has a very intelligent idea of the science of government.

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