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November 27, 1998

I added 2 more pictures. My sister's children, David, and Stacey Wulff.

November 9, 1998

More pictures added. My great grandfather, Luther Rowland, and his wife, Charlotte A. Hull. Also there is a picture of Frank and Louise Baur Finger on the picture page.

November 8, 1998

I've added pictures of my uncle, Paul Cuozzo, and his son Franklin. Paul was married to my father's sister, Marjorie Finger.

Also, I moved the link to this NewsPage to the top of the home page, to make it easier to quickly check for updates.

November 3, 1998

I've been working more on my mother's side. In the same house with my great grandfather, Andrew Lazark, lived the John Lazorik family. Since the families lived together and the names are so similar, I'm sure they are related. Today I added a link to Cathy Mullenix' site. Cathy is related to that Lazorik family and is doing research on them. Some descendants changed the spelling to Lazurek, and my great grandfather, Andrew, changed his to LaSurke.

October 22, 1998

Up till now, I had used only Microsoft Internet Explorer to look at my page. Today I looked at it for the first time using Netscape, and found I needed to make a few changes to get the appearance I was expecting. Netscape users should now see things the way I intend them, and, should now hear the background music.

October 20, 1998

I realized it was now time to separate my mother's and father's side for the picture index, so there are now two picture index pages.

Also this week I talked to Margaret Lazurek Greenwood, and found out how she is related to Albert Ambrisko. I was able to help them contact each other and, after about 60 years, they shared some old memories. How the Lazurek family is related to me still remains a mystery.

We had thought that the house that my great grandfather, Andrew Lazark lived in at 57 Commerce St, Derby, CT was at one time the home of Commodore Isaac Hull. However, the Derby Historical Society told me that Commodore Hull lived at 38 Commerce St. Well, it was close!

October 12, 1998

Today I added a picture of my grandfather, Michael LaSurke when he was best man at his brother-in-law Charles Rowland's wedding in 1925. I have designed this page for best viewing using 800 x 600 resolution.

October 11, 1998

I have been spending some time on my mother's side this week. Her maiden name was LaSurke, which her grandfather changed to from Lazark. I have found that there was a Lazorik family living in the same house with my great grandfather, Andrew Lazark, in Derby, CT in 1910, but noone knows how the two families were related. I have located and talked to James A. Lazurek and his sister Dorothy (in Massachusettes) who are descendants of that Lazurek family. Also been in contact with Cathy Ambriscoe Mullenix whose father, Albert A. Ambrisko, remembers visiting this family, and they too may be related. I'll be adding more as I piece it all together.

Sept 26, 1998

A picture of my daughter, Diane Carol Finger can now be seen on the page with her genealogical data, and there is a picture of my parents' wedding, George and Vera Finger, taken in 1945.

Sept 23, 1998

Today I have added two biographies. On the home page, check out the links to the Commemorative Biographical Record, one for Captain Henry L. Finger and one for Chauncey P. Finger. These are taken from the Commemorative Biographical Record of Ulster Co., N.Y. which was published in 1896.

Sept 20, 1998

Recently, I was contacted by Judith (Finger) Bradley and her daughter, Sarah. They were pleased to find the Finger Family Home Page, and have already found things to contribute. Judith is the granddaughter of Clarence Finger (1876-1966). Today they sent me over a pagefull of information from Clarence's bible which I hope to add to the site sometime this week. - Thanks to Judith and Sarah, who refer to themselves as a "mother-daughter enterprise".

Sept 19, 1998

With the introduction of this page, I hope to add interesting items about Finger family members and research findings. If anyone wants to submit items of interest, I will be happy to accept them. Although updating the genealogical database requires uploading about 300 files, a news page can be updated very easily.

I am also interested in adding pictures to this site. Current or recent pictures of individuals, to go along with their genealogical data; and, old pictures of historical or sentimental value relating to family members to go onto the picture pages. You can e-mail them (.jpg preferred) or snail-mail them and I'll scan and return them.

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