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October 23, 2011

The database has been updated.

We found a newspaper account of a Triple Funeral. It seems that in 1938 Percy Fingar was driving home from the movies along with his wife and two sisters-in-law, Edith Jewett and Jennie Fowler, when he unexpectedly turned his car into the path of an oncoming train. Percy's wife and the other two women were killed in the accident, but Percy survived. Read the account A Triple Funeral

September 5, 2011

The database has been updated. There are a few things of interest to note.
  1. We were able to add more children of Henry Finger (b 1875 Missouri) from census records. Interestingly, Henry's parents were born in Tennessee, but Henry in Missouri. We see that in 1920 and after his name shows up as Henry Fanger. It is my theory that whoever talked to the census taker had a southern accent, and the census taker wrote what he heard.
  2. We have some corrections to the line of Smith Finger (b abt 1822 New York). First, his wife's name has been corrected to Elmira Allen. She had been married previously to John Dikeman. Their son, Joseph who was originally Julius Joseph, dropped the Julius. In addition, he took the name Finger, and, according to his Civil War pension record, was always known as Joseph Finger. He died in the Civil War. Another son of Elmira, James A. Finger dropped the name Dikeman and assumed, for a while, the name Finger, but then changed it to Diton, then Dyton.
  3. We also received information on the Braswell family line. George Braswell was a son of Katie Trotting Wolfe. Katie descends from a Cherokee Indian, Wilson Trotting Wolfe. One of Wilson's sons, Joseph Trotting Wolfe was the father of Sophronia Caroline Wolfe who married Adam Thomas Finger (b 1869 Tennessee).

August 30, 2011

This came from Jordana Finger in Brazil. I have done my best to use an online translator to render it in English.

Boa tarde!

Acredito que possam me ajudar... Necessito de informações sobre a Família Finger, imigrantes alemães.

Sei que eles chegaram no Brasil num navio chamado BRODTAE

Pelo brigue dinamarquês Brodtae, de que era comandante o capitão Bendix Bendixen e que saiu de Bremen em 7 de julho de 1826, vieram as famílias abaixo. Desembarcaram estas no Rio de Janeiro em 28 de setembro desse ano, transportando-se para Porto Alegre em 6 de Janeiro de 1827.

Até onde sei eles foram a Família 15
73. João Finger, 35 anos, casado, lavrador, cat., Prússia
74. Catarina, sua 2a mulher, 30 anos
75. João, filho do 1o matrimonio, 11 anos
76. Antonio, filho do 2o matrimonio, 9 anos
77. Jacob, idem, 5 anos
78. Pedro, 3 anos
79. Catarina, l ½ anos.

Parece que aqui no Brasil, o João (1º filho) casou com
Magdalena Noll, da Família 16
80. Isaias Noll, 42 anos, casado, lavrador, católico, Prússia.
81. Catarina, 2a mulher, 30 anos
82. Pedro, filho do matrimonio, 11 anos
83. Madalena, idem, 7 anos
84. Henrique, 5 anos
85. Ana Maria, filha do 2o matrimonio, 1 ano.

Preciso de documentos ou algo que comprove isso.
Como posso proceder? Onde posso buscar essas informações?

Se possível, respondam para meu e-mail pessoal:


Jordana Clement Finger
Assessoria Atuarial
Unimed do Estado de Santa Catarina - Federação
Good afternoon!

I believe what could help me... I need information on the Finger Family, German immigrants.

I know that they arrived in Brazil on a ship called BRODTAE

“For the Dane brig Brodtae, of which commander was captain Bendix Bendixen and which departed from Bremen on the 7th of July of 1826, the families came down. They disembarked in Rio de Janeiro on the 28th of September of this year, being entranced for Cheerful Oporto on the 6th of January of 1827.”

Where I know they went to Family 15
73. John Finger, 35 years, when farm-hand, cat married., Prussia
74. Catherine, his 2nd woman, 30 years
75. John, son of the 1st marriage, 11 years
76. Antonio, son of the 2nd marriage, 9 years
77. Jacob, ditto, 5 years
78. Peter, 3 years
79. Catherine, l ½ years.

It seems that here in Brazil, John (1st son) married
Magdalena Noll, of Family 16
80. Isaias Noll, 42 years, married, farm-hand, catholic, Prussia.
81. Catherine, 2nd woman, 30 years
82. Peter, son of the marriage, 11 years
83. Madalena, ditto, 7 years
84. Henry, 5 years
85. Ana Maria, daughter of the 2nd marriage, 1 year.

I need documents or something that proves that.
How can I proceed? Where can I look for this information?

If possible, answer my personal e-mail:

Thank you!

Jordana Clement Finger
Advisory body Atuarial
Unimed of the State of Saint Catherine - Federation

July 8, 2011
My name is Carlos Maria FINGER. I want to report the birth of granddaughter Maria Milagros FINGER. She was born in New York on 10/11/2010.
I greet you cordially.

May 30, 2011

The database has been updated. This update includes some additions to the line of Wilhelm Finger (b.1818 Germany) sent to us by Sarah Slaughter. Included is a picture of Leola Craft (b.1896)

Also we have been able to add pictures of:

We have found this interesting pdf document from the Historic Resources Advisory Committee in Redwood City (California) considering a proposed housing development in the vicinity of the historic Finger farm. This was the farm of (Simon) Theodore Finger, who was born in Germany in 1815 and who moved to Redwood City in 1855. Of particular interest is an historic account, pages 4-13. Also included are pictures of many dwellings along Finger Avenue, and pages 42-45 include an historic timeline. - (Note, this file is almost 8mb in size, and may take a while to download)

April 2, 2011

The database has been updated. Also we have been able to add pictures of more relatives:

January 20, 2011

I was able to add another line to our site today. Wilmar and Liberta Finger who came to the U.S. in 1883 and took up living in Missouri. Included are some pictures, courtesy of Richard Finger.

January 2, 2011

We have found some additional information about the wife of Adam Thomas Finger, (b.1869 Tennessee) who was Sophronia Caroline Wolfe. She was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian, and she and her children have been found on many Cherokee census records. But in looking into things further, we have been able to find her parents, grandparents and siblings from 'Eastern Cherokee Application' forms at the National Archives (NARA). These forms were used to apply for a settlement from the U.S. Government between 1907 and 1909.

January 1, 2011

As the new year gets started, it's a good time for a couple of reminders, the first concerns Identity Theft and Genealogy.

And you might like to review the FingerFamily Privacy Policy.

We now have 2,793 family members named Finger and 285 Fingar, making a total of 3,078. The total number of persons in our database is now 11,139.

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