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November 29, 2006

Today I added a reprint, used by permission, from RootsWeb Review concerning Identity Theft and Genealogy. Just by way of reminder, you might like to review the FingerFamily Privacy Policy.

November 25, 2006

Larry Boddy sent us a picture of the store that his grandparents, Hugh and Myrtle Fingar operated in Coram, New York (Long Island) from about 1934 into the 60s. It can be seen along with the account of Hugh's life.

September 17, 2006

This week a message came from Bernard Fingar:
My name is Bernard H Fingar Jr. My Mother is Dorothy Fingar and my father is Bernard H Fingar Sr...

I found the website pretty much by accident. It is full of useful information.

I have lived in Rochester NY for almost 20 years with my wife Lisa Ann, and my two children, Erin Leigh and Kyle David. I believe David R. Fingar lives on the east side of Rochester near Penfield... The funny thing is I believe he has a daughter named Lisa Ann. Now, this has caused a little confusion for my wife. To add insult to injury, we live in the Bright Oaks area that I believe David raised his family in. This has caused a little confusion with my neighbors. Anyway, I have been thinking about contacting him for quite a few years now, and have never done it.
We were able to forward his message on and help Bernie establish contact. We added his wife and children to our database and they will appear on the website with the next update.

September 2, 2006

The site has been updated. I have been doing some research and have added a few things.

Added some information from the 1930 census for William S. Fingar.
Added wife and daughter to Frank E. Finger (1900 Census)
Added 2 children, Caroline and Christina, to the family of Eli James Finger (1870 Census)
Found James Melvin Finger as a widower in 1930.
Removed the marriage date of 1875 from Eva Finger since she is age 13 and in her parents' household on the 1880 census.
Added the children of Mary A Finger (1880 Census)
Discovered that there is a good probability that Oliver S. Finger, born 1856 is the same person as Oliver F. Finger, born 1856 so I combined the records.
Added 1 more child, Martin, to Abraham Bain and Hannah Finger.
Added 2 more children, Addison and George, to John Lasher and Almira Finger (1860 census)
Added 1 more child, Jerome, to Peter Sagendorf and Anna Finger (1850 census)
With information received from Sandy Gianni and from the 1920 Benton, Yates, New york census, I added a second wife, Harriet Sheldon, to William Robert Finger.

August 13, 2006

The site has been updated. I have been doing some research and have added a few things:

I found Warren Finger living in New Jersey after 1900. I was then able to add his and his wife's birth dates as well as add his children. The census taker for the 1900 New Jersey census actually recorded the birth DAY, as well as the usual month and year.

I added quite a bit to the Wells family. This family is connected to the Fingers through Lucy Ann Wells, who was married to John Finger, born 1811.

I solved the mystery of Adolphus Finger, born 1862. Till now I did not know how he and his family fit into the tree. I found that he is Hiram Adolphus Finger, son of John and Lucy Finger. I also found 3 additional children.

Added the wife and daughter of Harold C. Fingar, born 1875.

August 3, 2006

This week we heard from an established writer who's looking for information on the family of Bill Finger. Bill is the virtually unknown co-creator of Batman.

He was able to tell me that Bill Finger was born in 1914, grew up in the Bronx, NY, and that he died in 1974. His parents were Louis and Tessie. This writer and I both agreed that Bill Finger is not in our line, but I offered to help by posting a note on our NewsPage. If anyone can help, please get in touch and I'll pass it along.

Read more about Bill Finger at wikipidia:
"Bill Finger (February 8, 1914 - January 24, 1974) was an American writer who is best remembered (though not officially credited) as the co-creator of the character Batman with Bob Kane as well as the co-architect of the series' development."

May 20, 2006

This interesting information came late last month from David Pareis:
I believe that the daughter of Jacob M. Finger, Eva Finger was married to my great-great-great-grandfather Peter Germain Pareis (Pierre Germain Lepareux) If I am correct she died in 1841 and is buried in Saugerties

David and I compared notes, and it resulted in the addition of all the children of Peter and Eva. Interestingly, we formerly had shown his name as Peter German, which is how it appears on the 1860 Saugerties census. But the 1870 census does show Peter Pareis. After that, I checked a few census records and added some further descendants.

May 7, 2006

We heard from Bob Fingers of Mesa, Arizona this week who sent some additional information on the Gottreid Finger line. We don't think we are connected to that line, but as an interesting note, Bob says: "...Rollie Fingers, ex major league baseball pitcher and currently in the Hall of Fame is my nephew, the son of my older brother George."

May 1, 2006

My wife and I just returned from another research trip to the National Archives. While I was there looking at Civil War Pension Records, I found a record for a Finger in the "Southern" family line. While not connected to our line, I'll add the information here as it may help another researcher.

Adam Finger, who joined the 5th Tennessee Infantry at Knoxville, married Alta Zara Gibbs on 23 Sept. 1866.
Adam died 9 March 1907 and his wife Alta died 27 Feb 1932.

They had the following children:

J.W. 24 June 1867
Florence L. 5 Feb 1869
William S. 1 Oct 1870
Laura E. 2 Nov 1872
Conelia L. 15 Dec 1874
Sarah F. 18 July 1876
Henry B. 30 May 1878
Beauford G. 20 May 1881
Minnie 14 Feb 1884
Emily May 4 Jan 1892 (her married name was Legg)

April 15, 2006

The website has been updated.

There are a number of corrections and additions to report. My own research of online census records, along with information supplied by Lee Fingar and Cheryl Fingar Morrison have led us to the following updates:
In addition, I was able to add some more relatives to the McNutt family. Robert McNutt married Opal Finger in 1907.

February 19, 2006

The website has been updated.

For some time I have been concerned about the disagreement among sources regarding the children of Johannis. So I have done some research and have been able to resolve some of the differences. The explanation of all of my conclusions can be found on this page.

Also I reformatted the information from Hank Jones to make it more readable.

January 22, 2006

The website has been updated. There is some new information concerning Suzie LaSurke, my maternal grandfather Michael LaSurke's half sister.

Also I have added a picture of Mary Ferdinandus, an aunt on my mother's side.

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